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"Watcher of the Skies" 

Dedicated to meticulously recreating the timeless music of GENESIS


In 1985, Robbie Cooper started performing covers of the music he loved, the music of early Genesis.  As a founding member of the very popular Toronto based Genesis tribute band, Over the Garden Wall, Robbie Cooper helped pave the way for other Genesis cover bands to follow.  After 10 very successful years with Over the Garden Wall, Robbie relocated to Utica, New York and formed the Genesis tribute band
Seconds Out.  Cooper remains front-man of this band, that still tours for it's loyal following in the New York state area and Cleveland, Ohio.  In the classic style of early Genesis live  performances, Robbie uses elaborate costumes, stage make-up and assorted props, creating a multi-media event and delighting audiences with his strong and solid vocals that hold an uncanny likeness to Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.


"The Genesis sound is nicely recreated ... like the ending of Dance on a Volcano, they even outdo the original." - Tim Morse

"I am amazed by the talent ... this is not just a note-for-note tribute. The band really manages to re-create the feel of the original songs. Singing, guitar work, the rhythm section ... simply right on the money.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the members of Genesis probably couldn't do it any better themselves."   - Brian Kellahur

"All I can say is WOW!  The band sounds so incredibly close to Genesis, it's spooky." 
- Progressive Edge

Musical Discoveries
(06 April 2003) "Seconds Out is a classic Genesis tribute band.   Vocal work, instrumental arrangements, production ... are all excellent ... their representation of Genesis' material is outstanding..."    

Seconds Out: 
Robbie Cooper (lead vocals/front-man)
Matt Riddle (keyboards)
Joe Mombrea (guitar, vocals)
Rob Thurman (drums, vocals)
Ian Cattell (bass, vocals).

Robbie Cooper playing live with Seconds Out at Desidario's in New York

Robbie Cooper in full costume for Genesis tribute show


 Watcher of the Skies
Dance on a Volcano
Firth of Fifth
Cinema Show
Lillywhite Lillith
Fly on a Windshield
Colony of Slippermen
 The Lamb/Musical Box
 Supper's Ready
 In the Cage/Afterglow
Return of the Giant Hogweed